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Anfernee Robinson “Anfernee.” is an artist whose genre-bending variations of hip-hop make his music very vibrant and unpredictable. His passion for music is shown in every endeavor.
Born in Atlanta, GA he moved around often in his youth. He began singing at a very young age but developed an intense passion for literature, poetry, and theater. He found himself under the spotlight in many theatre productions and often found a way to continue satisfying his musical infatuation. His love for music drove him to discover various different types stretching beyond cultures and time. He sang in various types of choirs and trained his voice to flow freely throughout those genres. After conflicts between his love for acting and music forced him to focus on the mastery of one, he found himself in West Florence High School with the opportunity to master both theatrics and music. The solution: the Knight Edition Show Choir. Here he learned critical performance techniques and was taught to hone his vocal abilities.
Anfernee. dropped his first feat in high school, dubbing it the Wild EP after an ex-girlfriend. His witty vivacious compositions and impressive quality and delivery gained him some notoriety in his local community. He began working and developing his sound oftentimes with his best-friend, Tyrie, another prominent artist and producer in his community. He took these as samples, and after gaining entry to the College of Charleston began to pursue his dreams while attempting to juggle coursework.
He released his first self-titled, self-produced album of 13 tracks at the end of his sophomore year before he began a semester abroad studying in France. He has continued to develop both his sound and connections, releasing another EP, The Conspiracy, with producer Anthony Grossmann (Gross), and with future projects in the works alongside his comrades overseas, Adamandy. His works have gained him features many newspaper outlets including the Charleston City Paper and The Charleston Chronicle.
His various experiences introduced him to many walks of life and gave him a deep perspective of his own and the world around him. His first-hand experiences with homelessness, depression, and generational poverty create a brimming ball of energy that began to manifest into a creative outlet.
While dealing with many internal struggles in life Anfernee. still managed to stay very optimistic in his outlook and interactions. He maintains a deep dedication to family and friends, as they are the foundation of his love. He also tries to return some of the value instilled in him by his community through The Small House Project, a movement named after his first single on the album, aimed at fighting the many societal constructs in place against the homeless community and fighting hunger. His music is a reflection of his endeavor through emotional and societal tribulations and an unconventional look at the tumultuous cycles of internal conflict, while also encapsulating his immense love for humanity.
It is uplifting and upsetting. Hopefully pessimistic. A positively cynical commentary on his own experiences.
It is Anfernee..
“I am not an artist. I am my art.”


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