Cultura Festival is Charleston’s new and exclusive Hip-Hop, Dance, and Rnb festival. The festival is a collaborative event between Murias Entertainment (Charles Carmody) and S.W.I.M.- Southern Wealth in Music (Matt “Monday” Bostic) and is hosted by The Royal American (John Kenney). The festival takes place Saturday April 20th 2019 and will operate from 5:00 to 11:00pm with performances from 11 of Charleston’s best young musical acts. The festival also offers a variety of activities to participate in such as vendors, food trucks, and more all in the Royal American lot. This is Cultura’s inaugural year where we intend to establish our overall goal and mission statement of providing a quality platform where artist can peacefully showcase and share the true culture of Charleston at an affordable rate for the guests. Here we intend to create a joyful environment through dance, music, and great vibes.